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Dedication Poem Removable Charm

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These are a KittenSighting's original.  Each small vial comes with a full dedication to the indicated subject, both symbolizing and demonstrating the loyalty of the pet wearing it.  All charms come with a clip to easily hook onto any regular collar.  

Large charms are 2 inches (5 cm) in length, the medium winged charms are 1.75 inches (4.5 cm), and the smaller charms are 1.5 inches (3.75 cm). 

The poems in each charm as as follows:

Stray Cat Dedication

My body is mine to own and shape,
A form to which I can escape.
Though lost to some I may appear,
My wild roaming brings no fear.
For in my heart a kitten plays,
To own the self through all my days.
My ownership is mine to share,
To bond with many, cherish and care.
Wild and free, this path I choose,
Four walls I simply must refuse.
But many laps I visit and know,
Friends and loved ones continue to grow.
To share the well of purs and mewls,
Life's twists and turns, this kitty prowls.
My shelter lies beneath my fur,
And warms my heart to make me pur.
There's strength within these stray cat paws,
And confidence to strike with claws.
But gentle to the souls that plea,
My companionship to them is free.
I'm never lost, but sometimes found,
Not tied down to fenced in ground.
For place to place I jump and play,
Exploring through the night and day,
I am not lost, but I am...
A Stray.

Owner Dedication Poem:

This body mine once my
Own this body mine
Once my own
But now this form
Shall be unknown
Leash and collar are
Now my guide
To serve and love by
Wwners side
By light of day I take
This form
But at their call I am
From skin to fur from
Hands to paws
On knees and hands to
Owner I crawl
For though I leave
Myself behind
In owner I find myself
And in their eyes and
Heart I lay
For owner only I shall
To crave their touch to
Please to need
To paw at and beg to
Want and heed
To search for them
When owner demands
And bow my head to
Feel their hands
I am bound to be this pet
To play to cuddle  I
Wont forget
My smile my pur my
Mew will come
To please the one my
Joy comes from
Foreven when owners
Hand is cold
To teach me I am strong
I will know through
Them I am
A pet a kitten my
Owners gem
Draped in their cloak
Of darkening deep
My light is hidden and
Put to sleep
But here in their
Shadows lies my true
Bare naked vulnerable
So here I lay at owners feet
Their treasure their
Kitten for owner to keep

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