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KittenSightings' FAQs

Welcome to the KittenSightings' Store FAQs.  Please read though these frequently asked questions before contacting us with any concerns.  If your question is not answered after reading through the FAQs, feel free to email us at 

What is KittenSightings?

KittenSightings is a company that creates some of the best products and content for the Petplay community.  This store features our signature KS Gear. 

Unless otherwise noted, everything in our store is hand made by the KS Team.  Lead by Princess Kitten, KittenSightings has been creating gear for kittens all over the globe for nearly a decade.  PK's talents, patterns, and ideas have slowly refined over those 10 years to create the most durable, beautiful, and sought after gear on the web. 

What gear do you sell? 

We here at KittenSightings specialize in Ears and Collars.  Our ears come in various sizes from our Scream Kiwi line all the way to our Wolf/Fox line.  KittenSightings ears are a perfect blend of artistic and realistic design incorporating incredibly soft faux fur, artistic trim and materials, as well as beautiful hand made satin bows. 

The KS Collars, along with being hand made, are all certified BDSM proof.  The edges, middle oring, as well as the nylon backing of each collar are crafted to ensure they hold up to anything you put them through.  Coming in both Thick and Skinny Kitty, you're bound to find a collar that fits your neck perfectly. 

That is not to say we don't make other gear such as cuffs and leashes.  We hope to announce more products both created and brought to you by KittenSightings in the near future. 

Why can't I find a certain item?

Nearly all of our items are unique and only sold once, therefore it might not be possible to find the exact gear you're looking for.

Sometimes we will make duplicates of one item, or very similar items but with some tweaks.

However most of our items are one of a kind, and are sold on a first come first serve basis.

Where can I place an order? 

You cannot place an order for gear.  The only items that we sell are items that have already been made.  Once we make gear, we place it in the store to be purchased.  

When will you put things in the store?

We honestly don't know.  There is no set plan for creating or placing things in the store.  When we get the chance to make things, we make them.  After we've taken and edited pictures of the items, they go on the shop.  It's as simple and unorganized as that. 

The best way to know when our store will be stocked is to either keep an eye on our Instagram or sign up as a VIP Member to receive advance notice of upcoming items.  

How does the checkout system work?

In the past our store service had a system that would save an item for anyone who clicked "checkout" for five minutes. 

Unfortunately earlier in 2017, this system was changed. The cart system now works on a first come first serve basis.  You must be the first person to complete the order with an item to receive it.  

If someone has completed their order before you, then you will be returned to the product page, or told the item is sold out. 

We're very sorry about this, but there is nothing we can do to change it as it is a core feature of our store service. 

To make sure you're prepared, we recommend you have an account on out store which you can get for free, and fill out your information before a release to quickly go through the checkout process.  Further, having a browser with an autofill system will help fill in what is needed and allow you to check out the fastest.  

Can I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel an order that has not been shipped yet, please send a message with the order number and email of the account to  

Please note that there is a $10 restocking fee on canceled orders, so please be careful to only purchase what you want from our store. 

What is the VIP Membership?

The VIP Program is simply a way for those who wish to get extra chances to grab the same gear that goes into the Public Store, and to get a discount on the gear they purchase often.

The program has now come to an end and memberships are no longer for sale.  For more information on why this changed happen, please see the page here.


What is in the VIP Store?


The VIP Store is the section that allows VIP Members to purchase a few items early before a public release or the once monthly VIP Release. 

Any items that are not purchased in the VIP Store are moved into the Public Store.  

However, that section will be removed in 2018 as the VIP Membership program has been closed. 


Can I get an item in the store altered? 

No.  These items are already finished once they're placed in the shop.  They come exactly as pictured. 

Can I get a custom order? 

No.  We are not taking custom orders from outside the Standard and Full Memberships which are currently sold out.  

Can you make an exception just this once and make me an item?

No.  Partly because you are not the first person to ask this, partly because people have literally paid for the ability to get an item made for them.  But largely, just because you ask nicely does not mean you suddenly become more important than the hundreds of kittens, pets, and owners that have been waiting months to try and snatch a particular items.  

We make items for the entire Petplay community, not any one individual person. 

Long story short: no cutsies. 

But I just found your shop, and my anniversary is next week/month and I want to get something special for my pet/owner.

We're very happy to hear you want to do something special for your significant other, unfortunately we have too many things on our hands to stop and make sure your one day goes perfectly.  However we do wish you the best.

But I just found your gear and it's all I've ever wanted in my entire life, pleeeeaaaaase!


Also, please understand that the gear does NOT make the kitten. The pet you are resides in you, and has no bearing on the physical and material items you poses.  

We're very happy you want to buy our products, and we understand the happiness that comes with new gear.  However, if it's truly the only thing you want in life, or your week/month is ruined because you could not obtain a single piece of gear, we recommend you try to find out the root cause of this pain.  Chances are they do not stem from a collar or ears.

In all honesty, we just make fabric collars and felt ears with fake fur.  These ears will not save your life, these collars do not contain any magical power to make you more of a pet.  They're simply a physical embodiment of something that is already inside of you.  That inner pet can be embodied in so many ways other than material goods.  

We don't mean to demean anyone, or try and belittle anyone who simply wants gear.  However, we see too many people who go into downward cycles of depression and justify it because they could not get a pair of ears.  We would much rather any customer or fan get any help they need rather than purchase gear from us.  

How do I order an item from your store? 

You cannot order an item from our store.  You may only purchase what we have in stock. 

How can I buy a certain item? 

You simply have to wait for it to appear in the shop.  Keep an eye on our Instagram as we usually announce upcoming releases. 

Can I get my multiple orders combined and shipping refunded? 

Yes. We currently have to do it by hand and sometimes are not able to combine and refund shipping right away.  If you have not received a refund within 24 hours, please send us an email at

Why are puppies seemingly so much better than kittens?

It's a question that may never be truly answered, but luckily is something we have proven through science and other means.  


-FAQs compiled by Puppyshy