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How to Use A KS Gift Card

After obtaining a 16 character KS Gift Card, please follow these steps to redeem it:


1.  Once your item(s) are added to your card, click the cart button. 

Use Gift Card Step 1



2. Once in the card, please click and read the "terms and conditions," then mark the checkbox acknowleding that you agree with them.  Then click the "Checkout" button."


3.  Once in the Checkout Page, enter the gift card number in the box labeled "Gift card or discount code" and click the "Apply" button. 

Use Gift Card Step 3


4.  After the page reloads, two new lines should appear.  One showing the subtotal of your purchase (before gift cards, discounts, or shipping), and the second showing you that a gift card as been applied and the last 4 characters of the card. 

Use Gift Card Step 4


Continue the checkout method be either creating an account or entering your information.  If the amount of your purchase is equal to or more than the amount of the gift card, the code for the card will no longer be active.  The full total is less than the gift card, you will have the remaining balance on that card.  

If you have any other further questions or problems using a KS Gift Card, please email our support at