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Pink and Blue Sunglasses Skinny Kitty Collar

Pink and Blue Sunglasses Skinny Kitty Collar

  • 2000

The Skinny Kitty collar series is the smaller of our two main decorative collars.  Created with a nylon backing, each collar is built to be extremely durable yet soft enough to not feel scratchy or dig into your neck.  Each Skinny Kitty collar is created with handmade satin ruffles, expertly picked inner ribbon, sturdy front oring, and two open dee links on each of each side.  This design allows you to tie a ribbon of your choice (included) through each loop, making sure the collar fits snug to any size neck over 12 inches.  

Each collar is also designed to be BDSM proof, ensuring any amount of force exerted by a human will not damage the integrity of the collar itself.  Both rings on the end and the center ring are built to ensure they stay in place and hold anything type of force that is exerted on it.     

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