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Fox Princess Ear and Tail Set

Fox Princess Ear and Tail Set

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The Munchkin ears are currently the smallest fur ears we make, coming in at an average of 2.35 inches tall.  The ears measure on average 3.10 inches across.  The pairs made with the fluffier fur can go as far as 3.2 inches, while the shorter furs will be around 3 inches.  

These Wardrobe tails are made from extremely soft long faux fur, with a light stuffing placed inside to give it the perfect amount of wag! With a metal clasp placed firmly on top, and a strong and reliable key ring placed through the metal clasp, it will fit on your purse, backpack, or even your belt loop.  With the addition of a metal chain and faux leather tassel, this tails serves as a fashion accessory just as much as it does a pet tail. This is the long version of the Wardrobe Tails that measure approximately 11" from bottom to top.  

Please note as with all hand crafted items, there will be a slight variation in measurements from pair to pair.  With hand cut and sewn bases, hand cut and placed fur, and hand crafted bows, there are minor things that can make a small difference in each pair.  This makes every pair unique, even if they're made the same way.  

We will try to do our best to indicate if a pair of ears has a shorter or longer type of fur than normal.  

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