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KS Grab Box

  • 6500

These Grab Boxes will be made and shipped randomly to those who purchased them.  There is no guarantee of any particular item's style or that they will match. Please view the pictures in the product to see the possible items you could get in your box. 

Each box will be made at random, and will be one item from each of the three pictures above. The possible ears include Luxury, Princess, a pair of 2D Ears, and two ScreamKiwi ears (these ears were previously made last year for basic customs and were both passed on by those who ordered them).

There will be no refunds for these boxes, unless there was an issue with shipping or damaged products due to shipping.  We have extensively looked over each item to ensure they were in good shape and that no defects are present.  Buying this box gives you more than $65 in value, and you're taking a chance in getting something you may not like if you decide to purchase it.  Please make sure to look over all the products that could be in the box before you decide to buy it. 

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