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Medium Faux Leather Black Day Collar

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This collar is only for daily wear, it is not BDSM proof. The O-Ring cannot withstand excessive pulling due to the faux leather material.  However, the clasp and collar itself will easily hold up to wearing every day without a problem. 

This collar is sturdy faux leather material measuring 16" in length, and 7/8" from top to bottom.  It has a clasp in the back, and can be adjusted to 11.5", 12.5", 13.5", 14", and 15" around your neck.  

It's a perfect plain collar for everyday wear, and you can choose any of the 14 shown bells or charms, or no charm or bell.  

Because the O-Ring does not stay on very well when tugged hard, we will be selling the collar at a lower price than normal.  If a BDSM proof collar is essential for you, we will do our very best to find a collar made of a different and stronger material or different O-Rings.  Please be aware of the product's limitations.  

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