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Neon Green and Bright Blue Princess Ears

Neon Green and Bright Blue Princess Ears

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The revamped and redesigned Princess ears by KittenSightings are exactly what kittens have been asking for.  These ears retain the same shape as our popular Lavish ears, but are much smaller to accommodate those who prefer a more sleek pair of ears. 

The new Princess ears are still made with a felt base, soft fur, and fit perfectly on the included headband with clips to keep them in your hair.  At just under 3 inches tall, these ears are perfect for kittens who posses a smaller head or anyone who prefers smaller ears.   The base, which stretches 4 inches across due to the fluff at the bottom, curves perfectly to your head to make it seamlessly transition from your own hair or wig to the fur of the ear itself.    

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