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Pink and Ivory Bowed Thick Little's Collar

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Look how pretty and cuuuuute!! Little Collars are finally here!!!  This little collar is almost identical to our regular Skinny Kitty Collar, but with so much Littleness added on that I can't even handle it!!!

Each collar is also designed to be BDSM proof, ensuring any amount of force exerted by a human will not damage the integrity of the collar itself.  Both rings on the end and the center ring are built to ensure they stay in place and hold anything type of force that is exerted on it.     

The basic Thick Little's collar comes with a nylon backing, handmade satin ruffle, and so many Little things added onto it that it looks like it's own toy chest!!

The collar is 11.5" from side to side, and 1.5" from top to bottom.  It also has two open D links on the side and comes with 4' of ribbon of your color choice to tie it closed on your neck. :)

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