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Purple Stuffie Collar Set

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Look, we all know the pain.  You have wonderful, beautiful collars but your stuffie just stares at you like "But... But... But I want one too!"  WELL WE SOLVED THE PROBLEM! 

Introducing KS Little's Shop Stuffie Collars!! Not only are they SUPER cute, but they're super cute times two! Because you get two of them!

The main collar is a regular Skinny Kitty Collar that is 12.5" from side to side and 7/8" from top to bottom.  It has two open D-rings on the ends and comes with 4' of ribbon that you can use to tie the collar closed earscoaround your neck.  

The Stuffie Collar measures 11" from side to side, and 7/8" from top to bottom as well.  However it comes with perfectly sewn on ribbon on both sizes of the collar measuring about a foot, and can be tied around almost any Stuffie's neck.  We say almost, because we once saw a Stuffie at the fair, and it was like THIS BIG!!!! *holds arms way out*

Anyways!  This comes with BOTH collars so you can finally have a dedicated photo buddy that will always match you!!! Everyone at your next tea party is sure to be jealous for whoever gets to wear the pretty collar. :) 

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